Play Smarter

Community Outreach

“PIC clients are challenged to make as big an
impact off the field as they are on the field.”

— Chris Coy

Community is key to the Play it Coy® philosophy. PIC is committed to providing athletes the opportunity to give back to their community. No athlete attains a level of success in his professional career without the help of others. PIC believes in a life well played and that means “playing life and paying it forward.” Our community outreach programs enable athletes to give of their time and their talents in ways that will make lasting, positive impressions on the life or lives of those they may not know. PIC understands that giving back also is about receiving. Life well played is about the fulfillment found in helping others. Giving back to the community is paramount to living a meaningful life. PIC clients are challenged to make as big an impact off the field as they do on the field.

The Corporate Challenge

“Provide players viable solutions to help them smoothly transition to life as a professional athlete and then again to life after sports.”

— Chris Coy

Play It Coy® is committed to supporting professional athletes in their transition off the field and throughout their life after sports. Therefore, PIC challenges corporations as well as small and large businesses to offer up their businesses to athletes as a learning environment for their professional lives after sports. The professional athlete has given a nation of fans so much. The Corporate Challenge is a chance for fans to give back to the athlete by offering opportunities to explore his off-the-field capabilities.

There is one absolute we know about professional athletes. They have the exact qualities that corporations, both large and small, need to succeed:

  • These are men with drive (that’s why they ‘made it’)
  • These are men who understand the concept of teamwork
  • These are men who take direction well
  • These are men who understand the importance of a deadline and a schedule

The Chance

“An athlete’s professional career should not be the highlight of his life; it should be a stepping stone to something so much greater.”

— Chris Coy

As part of the Play it Coy® philosophy of transition to life after sports, PIC creates for its athletes the corporate chance, opportunities for athletes to experience a second career off the field both during their professional career (off-season; while injured) and in retirement. Through mentorships with companies both large and small, PIC provides athletes the opportunity to discover their skills off the field. These corporate connections encourage exploration of interests, an opportunity most athletes have never had because of their time commitment to the game. The connections made will last a lifetime.