Chris Coy

President & CEO, Chris Coy’s love of “the game” began at an early age and became his incentive for everything from education to work, and the driving force behind his career as a Certified Contract Advisor with the NFLPA.
With a B.S. in Sports Management in 2009 from Hampton University, Chris continued on his path graduating with a Masters in Sports Industry Management in May 2012 from Georgetown University.
In July 2012, Christopher Coy formed the Life After Sports Agency, LLC and Play it Coy®, his sports management firm. Differentiating himself from the hundreds of firms that have come before him, PIC’s focus is to truly prepare athletes for their lives on the field as well as their lives off the field. With a focus on community outreach, Coy expects all his players to give back to their communities. He also challenges those communities, especially business owners, to give back to the athletes by providing internships and educational job experiences that will help players determine the direction of their second careers (during the off season, while recovering from injuries or in pro-retirement).
A strategist at heart, Chris believes that productivity grows directly out of a plan. His philosophy on life is simple: Have a plan; execute. It is exactly that life strategy that Play it Coy® imparts to its clients. PIC helps players develop and execute a plan for every phase of life. Chris believes he can make an impact on the lives of pro-athletes. His goal is to make sure that each and every one of his clients is worthy of the respect, admiration and adulation of a nation of fans including impressionable children. No matter how high or how low an athlete’s draft number, when Chris decides to be an athlete’s agent, he is there for the player for life: Before his pro-career, during his career and throughout his retirement.
Raised by a single mother who found support in a strong community of men and women, Chris is driven by his dedication to give back to the community. He has a message for young men and women that he will send through the success of each and every one of his athletes: Achievement is possible. And Chris has a message, too, for the communities that helped create the athletes they love to cheer: Help your athletes find success after their life in sports so that young men and women will understand that achievement is possible, on and off the field.
Born in New York City, Christopher Coy, a graduate of Hampton University and Georgetown University, was raised in Howard and Prince George’s County, Maryland.